Shine On

Brighten the corner where you are...

My mom texted me this morning:

Mom: “I have decided to ‘brighten the corner where I am!’ Do you remember that song?”

Me: “Nope!”

Mom: “Brighten the corner where you are, brighten the corner where you are, someone far from the harbor you may help across the bar, brighten the corner where you are!  I remember Granny Clampet singing that old song on the Beverly HIlbillies.”

Me: “Haha! Yeah, I don’t remember watching the Beverly Hillbillies much”

Mom: “It’s an old country song.  Foot-stomping song.  I was thinking about Mama Faye, who went to heaven too early, 52 years ago!  She could make a shack look and feel like a mansion, a meal of crumbled up cornbread fried in lard, naming it ‘Tom Crumplins’ a fun experience, and an ordinary summer afternoon fun, sitting in the shade, sipping ice water and telling funny stories about her family.  The simple life.  She did just that, brightened the corner where she was!”

Me: “You brighten my corner, Mama.”

And she’s right (as Moms always are).  There’s so much tragedy, drama, and just plain negativity swirling around our atmosphere that I wonder how I can even make a difference.  As one single soul in the universe, what can I possibly do to make any impact on this world that we live in?  I didn’t get it until now.  We are supposed to be the change we want to see in the world.  The light in the darkness.  Create the things we wish existed.  Shine, so that we  give others the courage to shine, too.

Thank you, Mom, for all of the life lessons you’ve taught me, and continue to teach.  I wanna shine like you do.

Shine On

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