Truthful Gentle Fearless

A world of information and opportunity has opened itself up to me over the last few weeks.

A few years ago, I worked with a company that was all about promoting health and wellness through fitness.  I decided to work within that organization not only for my own accountability and health/fitness goals, but to help encourage other people on their journeys, as well.  Problem was, I’m wasn’t then, am not now, and never will be a fitness professional.  There were many in the company who were succeeding despite not being in the fitness business, but not this girl.  I was able to help a few friends along the way, but my dream of being able to have a hobby that gave me the ability to work for myself, coaching friends and family toward a healthier lifestyle, and do that work from anywhere I chose, was just not to be.  I found it difficult to self-promote.  I had a story to share, and a journey to take others on, but I wasn’t able to translate that into the ability to cultivate a substantial following.  I was turned off by the “in your face” marketing tactics.  I didn’t want to offend, irritate, or alienate anyone.  I was scared to share.

I want to build my dream, though.  MY dream.  Ask me what I want to be when I grow up – the answer is “Empowered.”  What does that mean?  What kind of career is an empowered career?  What kind of salary does an empowered professional make?

Whatever kind I want.

I’ve found a way to empower myself to share my experience, my knowledge, my compassion, and my gifts for collaboration.  I see a realm of possibility that I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of.  The best part?  I get to share the best bits of what I’m discovering about myself, about life, about love and friendship, here.  Genuinely, gently, and fearlessly.  And hopefully, I’ll have the honor of empowering others as I grow.

I’m well on my way to being a Stay At Home Dog Mom.  Seriously.  Captain’s stoked.


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