Follow Them.

Follow Them

Do you know your purpose?  Why you’re here?  What your life’s great mission is?  I do believe that we are put here for a reason; that some of us have a grand purpose to fulfill that will affect humanity in a significant way.  And some of us have a purpose that is smaller in scope, but no less important.

I’ve always felt like I was meant to support other people.  I get excited about seeing others have success, and being a part of their journey.  I don’t need to be the star, don’t really want the spotlight.  I’d rather sing harmony than melody…

The thing that really sucks, though, about naturally being “support staff” is that you’re constantly building someone else’s dream and never truly realizing your own.  Because I have an innate desire to contribute, I’ve never really dug deep to figure out what MY dream is.  If my purpose in life is to be the team player, how do I translate my talent for collaboration into something that makes me feel alive?

How do I build my own dream?

Think bigger.  

I can broaden my scope.  I can transform my role of being a contributor in a single organization into a platform that gives me the opportunity to help and influence other collaborators in multiple arenas.

Following the things that excite me:  my dogs, a good glass of wine with a good friend, the salty sea air, New Kids On The Block songs, hammocks and porch swings, cooking a great meal with fresh ingredients, Jon Snow, real snow, holidays, horses, bare feet, puppy breath, my husband’s dancing (insert giggle here), acoustic guitar, pine trees, seeing new places for the first time… These things will lead me in the right direction.  Making genuine connections with people takes me down the path toward my own dream… A broadened version of my purpose:  to have a significant and lasting effect on others like myself.

It’ll be interesting to see how NKOTB factors into all of this… 🙂




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