August 6th is apparently National Sisters’ Day.  Who knew?! I’m not sure how long this holiday has been around, but I really believe it should be added to the schedule of paid holidays for everyone.  We should all officially and formally celebrate our Sisters.

I have one sister, an amazingly fierce, beautiful soul that I am so very proud of.  I don’t think she knows just how extraordinary she is, or what an impact she makes on those who surround her.

There are a few other women in my life (and I feel old calling us “women” – we are all still “girls” in our minds) who are more than friends or family to me.  These women have been constant, abiding soul sisters, each with their individual gifts of friendship and love.  Jane Austen wrote volumes about bonds like these.

I’m so very grateful for you all, thankful for the parts of your hearts and souls that you share, not only with me, but with the world.

I’m serious.  I am going to write a letter.  National Sisters’ day needs to be a legitimate thing.  Like Thanksgiving.  Paid Time Off.  I’d love nothing more than to surround myself with my tribe and go sit on a beach and laugh with each other until our sides hurt.  Or the drinks run out… Either way is good for me.


We’re Awesome. Cheers!

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