On a Tuesday

We loved her, each of us.  Each in our own way, our own time, and as something singularly defined by our individual relationships with her.  She was our center, our fearless leader, our heart's blood.  We all held her close; became family.   She slipped through our arms.  On a Tuesday.  And none of us survived her loss.  


In light of the horrific devastation that Irma is leaving in her wake, and to those who've survived her wrath, all I can say is this: I know you're not ready to hear this right now, but it will come.  The incredible things, the indescribable joy, the re-creation of self; those things are on your horizon.  Don't lose faith.  Hold onto hope.  And by all means, don't piss Journey off.  Don't stop believing.


August 6th is apparently National Sisters' Day. Who knew?! I'm not sure how long this holiday has been around, but I really believe it should be added to the schedule of paid holidays for everyone. We should all officially and formally celebrate our Sisters.


Some of us navigate through life with a strong sense of who we are, and who we want to be.  Others (like me), well, we get to re-create ourselves a few times before we we figure out exactly who - and what - we don't want to be.  We thought we had it figured out, but - surprise! - let's be something else, something different... something more.